Delivery and Shipping Information of Your SellOff Purchase Shipping and Deliveries

The products on SellOff are shipped from all over the globe directly from the factories that produce them.  This allows us to cut out all middlemen markup typically associated with retail and eCommerce sites and pass the savings directly on to you.

If we were to ship a $5 item direct via air courier from Asia to you so it arrived in three days, the shipping costs would be approximately $75 per item !  By using bulk shipping, we can save you huge amounts of money.

Part of our strategy to further reduce costs to our customers is to take advantage of every opportunity to lower shipping and handling costs.  Every month we ship tens of thousands of purchases.

Shipping Times

Shipping times are dependant upon the factory and how the location of the warehouse.  Most products are shipped directly from factories in Asia via aircraft delivery and occasionally via sea container.   In most cases, packages will take from 14 to 40 days to deliver depending on shipping method and location of factory.

For example, a particularly good deal coming out of a Chinese factory may be sent via ship to reduce costs in which case it could take up to 60 days to arrive in North America after it clears customs.   We do our best to communicate with you the expected timeframe for delivery.

It’s important to understand that the reason you are saving so much on your purchase is that we cut out costs normally built into the price of your product.  By shipping direct from the factories across the ocean, it takes time for a parcel to arrive in North America or Europe, go through customs, then be delivered to you home or office.  By using SellOff – you are agreeing to that understanding. 

In addition, we provide notification of tracking when possible to you and if there is any type of delay or issue, will let you know via email.

If you have questions about your shipment, please contact us at