About Selloff.co

The Sell Off Story

SellOff is about saving you money through the elimination of overhead and expenses while providing factories and wholesaler operations around the world access to our growing website audience.

Our focus from day one has always been to reduce costs and deal directly with the factories that are making the products that companies like Walmart and Target are selling in their stores. What we do isn’t much different – except that our prices don’t have the cost of the cashiers and shelf stockers, the cost of renting and operating a giant retail store, cleaning the parking lot, advertising and all the other expenses that you pay for in absolutely every item you buy from a retail store.

Our premise is simple – If you can wait a few weeks to get your product – we can sell it to you for less what the retail stores in your local mall are paying to buy it before marking it up in their stores

Our head office is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and we now have factories across the world that are part of the SellOff family. We’re one of the fastest growing websites in North America as more and more people discover the savings we offer with our unique concept of keeping costs low.

As we continue to grow, we’re adding new partners, offers and improving shipping times and product selection. Our new distribution warehouse scheduled to be built in 2019 will be over 200,000 square feet and will further reduce costs on high volume items that we can stock and ship directly from North America while ordering in huge volumes from factories in Asia.

We invite you to be part of our story while saving money on great new deals added every day to our website.